How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

During tree removal, there are several different services available. The service you need depends on several factors, including type, condition, location, quantity, level of risk, and more. These factors and many others will also influence the overall cost of the disposal service. In addition to removing trees, you may also need additional services, resulting in additional costs, there are many factors that decrease or increase the cost of tree removal read more about them at This includes stump cutting, stump removal, understory removal, log splitting, limb peeling and, possibly, transportation and disposal costs.

Although prices vary from one employer to another and from one job to another, most costs decrease by a constant average. You can get a general understanding of your projected cost by determining the type of tree removal you need. Read on to get a general idea of ​​the cost of extracting trees to suit your particular situation.

Fallen tree

The trees are falling. And when they do, there must be someone to clarify it. Although it is one of the fastest tree removal jobs, it still requires specialized equipment and labor. For these reasons, a company usually charges between $ 50 and $ 150 to eliminate a fallen tree. The final estimate will depend on the size and condition of the tree, as well as the location, level of risk, quantity, etc.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Big tree

If your tree is tall, which means it is over 70 feet long, you can expect to pay an average of $ 1,500 or more for having removed. Additional costs can accumulate if there are more than one, or if you are dead, sick, fallen or hard to find. Work of this size requires contractors to assume a certain level of risk. It also requires specialized training and here to read more information related to tree removal risks.


The oaks are very strong. They also have an average height of 60 feet in height. This makes them harder to eliminate. Expect to pay between $ 200 and $ 1,000 for the oak removal service. The cost may increase depending on age, size, location, and condition.


There are several species of pine, all average sizes from 60 to 80 feet. This makes them very large and also expensive to eliminate. Pine removal can cost on average between $ 200 and $ 1,500 or more depending on several factors.

Large trees

The cost of removing large trees is very high. Tree removal costs depend in no small extent on the size and location of the tree. Overall, tall trees are quite difficult to remove compared to the removal of medium or small trees, and therefore service fees for large trees are much higher than those for small trees. Moving companies usually have a fixed price to eliminate trees by category. In some cases, the moving company charges a lot more for tall trees, which are over 90 feet and 4 feet thick. Eliminating large trees is very complicated and, as a result, the costs involved in the process is much higher, as it is decided according to the conditions surrounding the removal.


There are certified companies and responsible disposal that have a standard price for tree removal services ranging from 150 dollars to 1500 dollars, depending on the size and surrounding conditions of the removal. In addition to the height and width of the tree, other factors are taken into account when establishing a price for disposal services. If the tree is near buildings or service lines, is infected with insects and is dead, be prepared to pay more for mobile services. So when it comes to engaging the services of a tree harvesting business, it’s essential to consider all of these factors.